Pooled investments

Strategic Capital Program

The Strategic Capital program was created to provide high current returns from short term preferred equity or debt investments in targeted residential, retail and office property types and locations in which the General Partner has a presence and track record. Read more

Industrial Partners Program

The Industrial Partners Program was created to invest opportunistically in well located warehouse/distribution and light industrial properties with an objective to build consistent annual cash distributions and to realize capital appreciation. Read more

Co-Investor Capital

Malkin Co-Investor Capital L.P. ("CO Capital") is the third blind pool offered by Malkin Securities, and the first to focus on long term investments in real estate. CO Capital was designed to co-invest with a Malkin family entity that contracted to sell a property and re-invest approximately $12,000,000 net sale proceeds in a tax-deferred swap on the same terms as CO Capital. Read more

Become an Investor

Diversify your portfolio with real estate investment offerings that provide the benefits of regular cash distributions, conservative leverage, and protection against inflation. Learn More What is an Accredited Investor? Accredited Investor Form