A Message from Anthony E. Malkin

An investor who invested $150,000 in each of the 18 deals syndicated by Malkin Securities from 1989 ($2,700,000 aggregate original investment) to June 30, 2013 has received approximately $5,208,801 of distributions from operations, refinancings, and sales, in addition to continuing distributions and potential capital appreciation from ongoing interests.

We concluded the consents in our proposed consolidation of our portfolio of office and retail properties in the Manhattan and greater New York metropolitan area. With the recent investment in Saxon Hall, we have a total of $900,000 to invest in our Strategic Capital program in mezzanine and structured equity.

Our office space renting is proceeding in line with our expectations and we are exchanging many proposals with new and existing tenants. Our residential rental properties are generally performing well. Our retail space continues to see leasing progress in line with our expectations.

In our industrial portfolio, we have sold one property and are testing the market with another. We are seeing decent leasing activity in our industrial portfolio.

Please remember that we welcome referrals to relatives, friends, and neighbors who can benefit from investment programs sponsored by Malkin Securities Corp. to take advantage of the opportunities these challenges will present. Please note that to invest in an investment program that is sponsored by Malkin Securities Corp., an investor must register as an accredited prior to making an investment.

Onward and upward.

Anthony E. Malkin
New York City, August 22, 2013