Tax advantages of real estate

Investments in real estate through limited partnership or limited liability company investment entities may provide many tax related benefits including:

  • Potential for property appreciation over time
  • Favorable long-term capital gain tax rates upon sale
  • Possible tax-deferred distributions from excess mortgage refinancing proceeds
  • Distributions that may be partially tax sheltered resulting in increased after-tax returns
  • Tax deferral of gain on sale when proceeds are re-invested in other real property under 1031 like-kind exchange rules
  • Investment tax credits on qualifying expenditures for properties that undergo extensive improvements
  • Estate tax savings attributable to minority interest valuation discounts based on IRS acceptance of lack of marketability of non-publicly traded limited partner interests in real estate investments.

Not all Malkin Securities Corp. investments provide tax advantage benefits. There is no assurance that there will not be legislative or administrative changes in the tax laws that may adversely affect the tax benefits of real estate investments.

Malkin Securities's Strategic Capital investment program, which is structured as senior equity and/or debt at premium returns, does not provide the same tax attributes as our traditional real estate investments.

Other Investment considerations

Diversifying your portfolio with investments in real estate can provide enhanced returns and more stability to overall portfolio performance.

An investment in a Malkin Securities offering is suitable only for individuals and entities considered to be relatively sophisticated and financially independent under the securities laws - "Accredited Investors" and have no need for liquidity with respect to such investments.

All investments, including those in real estate, involve risk, which may include property market and interest rate fluctuations and illiquidity. Therefore, a comprehensive evaluation and detailed review of all investment documents, including the private placement memorandum, the sole means for offering any Malkin Securities Corp. sponsored investment to qualified and Accredited Investors registered with Malkin Securities, should be undertaken before deciding whether to make such investment.

Each investor should review his or her tax situation to determine if a contemplated investment is appropriate. Finally, because tax laws are subject to change, your accountant or tax adviser should be consulted before proceeding with any investment.